Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bloggers cramp

Getting this blog up and going has been a little more challenging than I anticipated. 1 year ago this month, I began blogging, inspired by a few good friends who had began blogs of there own.
I want this blog to be fun, entertaining and most of all theraputic for me, however, I just could'nt come up with a title for my blog that I really felt good about. Today, I have officaially renamed my blog and I kinda like it.

I hope to begin tackeling this thing now. Adding pictures and stories and thoughts and ideas. I really look forward to it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Case Of the Monday's

May I begin with, yes I know it's Tuesday but I dont know what you call it when you feel like its a Monday and its Tuesday.
I had s really rough day at work yesterday. Is there a such thing as a GREAT day at work? Im not so sure. I feel like I am being pulled in about 50 different directions and I continue to tread just to stay above water. Not to mention that trying to balance Husband, children, home and career is not the easiest task. I wonder sometimes if I should just cut work out
completely stay home with my children actually raise them myself...theres a concept. Then reality sets wait...what about money. You have to work....we need money.

Life seems to be throwing curve balls right now, Im dodging them but they are barely missing me.

I wish I new how to relax. I stay so tense and high strung. My mind races constantly. You hear
noone can help you unless you help your self. Im doing better but have actually developed a new quirk...I cant relax...or sit, stand, talk unless my house is clean and I find myself picking up constantly. With toddlers you can imagine that I spend most of my spare time doing this.
I just long to be in control of husband, children, home or career. If there is one thing that I have learned and know in my sane mind is that none of these things can be controlled. You can only control you. So that's where Im going to start.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Catching Up...

Wow...It has been almost an entire year since I last blogged. Times flies especially when you are as busy as we have been and you have two precious babies to measure the time. They grow so fast and before your eyes. We had a great fun filled summer...the photos were taken in Florida during a trip we took in June. It was our first family beach trip and we had a ball.