Monday, August 13, 2007

"The One with the Cocktail Party"

Well, More than likely if you are reading this blog you know that Randy, Hannah and I threw a cocktail party this past Saturday night in honor of Mom's birthday.
We had a great time.
Hannah and I thought that it would be alot of fun to make it a "theme party" but still classy so...we decided that we would have everyone dress in "black and white" cocktail attire...well, we just assumed people would know what that meant...they didnt. We should have listened to Justin, who told us that people are not going to do it...He kept teasing telling us he was going to pick up his tux from the cleaners...
It was okay though.
Randy agreed to fix everyone their first drink and then they were on there own...It wasent necessary to go for the second as Randy was a little heavy on the Grey Goose. (the way I like a Martini)
We had a great turn out, good food and it was fun catching up with everyone.

Pictures to come...