Monday, June 25, 2007

Life is Good

Today is the start of a new fun filled week.
Laney decided to begin the day oh around 5:30am, Jack slept in but was not to be undone. He threw up for no apparent reason once we got to his KK's this morning.
We had a great time at the pool yesterday besides the fact that I almost drowned my first born. The rain must have ran everyone off, so it was like having your own private pool. Jack had so much fun and took in too much pool water which inturn may have triggered the throw up incident. What do you do?
This just in:
Justin called me to let me know that we dodged a bullet with the pinto beans I put in the crock pot this morning. It seems as though all of the water dried up. Justin was able to save them just in time. Yes this actually warranted a phone call.
Life is good.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Birthday Party

Omg...the Birthday party was a blast. Justin and Mom did such a good job getting it all arranged. We got to hang out with some really dear friends that we dont get to see as often as we would like with the hectic schedules and all. Even though the invitations said "no gifts please" Kimberely still brought me a beautiful braclet and earrings but I think my favorite was the picture she gave me of us on Cinco de Mayo. It was so cute. Lindsay L. brought me a bottle of Resling...I'm saving it to take on vacation.
The food was so good (Chicken Fajitas) I wish we could have that every night. The Margaritas were good too. Justin makes really good margaritas. Kelley D. brought her camera and took some great pictures. I cant wait to get them on the web for everybody to see.
Jack espcially enjoyed the tortilla chips and sour cream. He had his very own bowl wich resulted in a second bath before bed. I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in my life.Can't wait to do it again.