Monday, July 16, 2007

Very First Family Vacation

The Davis family finally took there first ever family vacation this July. We had a great time.
When Justin's Mom and Dad decided to go to Gatlinburg instead of the beach, I was all over it because I havent been in a bathing suit since before I had Jack and really dont plan on it anytime soon. Justin and I talked and thought maybe it was time to take a little trip...

If you have ever traveled with children then you will appreciate that we began making a list of all our needs like 2 weeks before we left. You have to bring pack and plays, food, bottles, medicine etc. Then there is the extremly long card ride and both kids are still in diapers. However, Justin and I had gotten pretty much down, we checked off our list and packed up and hit the road. Jack watched the Doodlebops the whole way and Laney slept...we only had to make one stop and we ate lunch fed Laney changed diapers and we were done...Too easy.

Now, with all of this I had not actually addressed the fact that we were going to be in the Smokey Mountains and I am terrified of open heights (the actuall falling is what scares me).
when we made it to Gatlinburg we sat in traffic for almost an hour, got lost and went about 8 miles out of our way and the kids began to scream. We made it to where the cabin was and it was about 2 miles up the mountain. I am having an anxiety attack and Justin is telling me to calm down...the kids are still screaming.

The next day we went to the outlet malls...long story short I forgot a bottle for Laney...what kind of mother does that? She was screaming from hunger so Justin left to get a bottle. Not a single store in the outlet mall had one so he had to go to Wal-Mart. The whole time Laney is screaming, people are staring...OMG!.

Day three was hiking trail day. Kelley had decided that all of us could go even the babies because it was a "paved trail". " You can bring the stoller"...and we did.
We drove about 7 miles up the side of a mountain, get out at the top and it is like 60 degrees. I am freaking out because It was too chilly for Laney.
We begin walking and the trail is so steep. I wanted to stay back with the stroller but Justin insists he will be able to push. People are staring, thinkin, what idiots. Were taking turns pushing. We had to stop at every bench. At that time it starts to sprinkle. I am losing it now because not only is it freezing but the kids are going to get wet. We make it to the top, and now we have to somehow make it down with the stroller. Justin again insists he can do it. It begins pouring now. The stroller is flying down the mountain. I cant even watch.
We make it to the bottom. We are all drenched. The babies are dry as a bone..Thank God for small favors.

Day 4 was Dollywood. We had a great day and Jack was loving it. I only got bitten by a giant black flying thing and Justin only fell and got a Huge bruise. The worst I have ever seen. I thought he might have to go to the doctor.

Oh and while we were playing pool at the cabin, Jack busted his eye on this wooden box thing on the floor.

All in all it was a good trip, Jack sad bye bye at dinner one night and made the whole trip worth while. I just dont think we will be traveling again like that for atleast another year.